Our visit to Bangladesh and Vietnam

The purpose of this visit was to ensure the best quality at the best price.

Affish thoroughly checked the conditions of the shrimp farms and the shrimp production process.

In addition to the farms, the company visited a number of processing companies and checked the certification process, the final products were evaluated.

We were happy that Affish suppliers, everything looked great. However, when it came to looking into potential new companies, in certain circumstances they weren’t doing as well.

Whilst in Bangladesh and Vietnam, we visted hatcheries and checked the quality of eggs, we also visited other potential sources of supply.

In both countries we came across interesting alternative fish products. We are exploring new ways to bring these products to the European market in the near future, we will keep you informed.

Affish will always endeavour to monitor developments in the fish markets around the world. It is our goal to go on visits like this to Bangladesh and Vietnam, so we can ensure your fish is being produced and shipped in the way you require it.