Affish have a brand new website!

With a new and improved, contemporary styling and responsive design, the new Affish website has been completely redeveloped from the ground up, and is designed to be entirely customer focused, thanks to its easy navigation and intuitive site structure.

The content has also been rewritten in numerous languages to make the sites more relevant, appealing, clear and interesting, so they engage with their diverse customer base from around the world.

The website will be updated with topics and issues that are relevant to their industries and sectors, there will also be direct access to an updated catalogue.

Koen Sonneveldt Managing Director at Affish, said:

“We are excited about the launch at Affish and the robust information it provides for our customers and partners. We believe that these new site will allow our visitors to have an enlightening experience as we continue to develop, grow and increase our market presence”.

Affish will continue to reinforce its already powerful message to its customers in the best way possible. We encouraged our visitors to explore the website and sign up for direct emails at